Читать все посты

Pure Art

Pure art in and of itself has no value unlike objects we buy and services we pay for. I’d go one step further to say as an object it does not exist at all. Instead, there’s one active mental process of making it by the artist (poet, composer, writer) what we generally call “creativity”, and there’s another, less active but yet as important process of appreciation by the audience, large or small. Even the audience of one.

There’s nothing else. Nothing!

One process does not make much sense without the other. Well, often there’s monetization model to connect the two but it has nothing to do with either one. Perhaps it’s the art of profiteering. The third process. That’s what dealers, labels, publishers, etc. do, and often quite successfully.

When this third process dominates and even is considered as the final goal, means to an end, when art is valued in fiat currency and people talk more about, say, a 7-digit dollar figure rather than the art itself (and often what is there to talk about the art to begin with?), this is not even appreciation. It’s creatively unimportant gossip about a financial transaction.

There’s nothing else. Nothing!

Do we really need art for it? There are plenty of commercial-friendly forms of self-expression to substitute. Indeed, they may look and feel all that “artful” but only in form, not substance.

Enjoy the priceless! If you can …