Читать все посты

Conspiracy. Simple.

Interesting to note that we still don’t know for sure who killed JFK, and why. I am not talking about the man who pulled the trigger and got killed shortly after in the police station. Why do I mention this? All the speculations on the matter are generally treated as a conspiracy theory, and therefore labeled as not worthy of any serious thought. Simple!

The same way treated anything contrary to the official 9/11 story, and the further we fly in time from the event, the more and more people settle for what they are fed with — crazy Islamist hijackers did all the horrors based on their ideology of hatred (much like did Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, however his motives remain a mystery even officially). Simple!

Building 7. What building 7? A plane, a mf-king Boeing 757 that disappeared after flying into the Pentagon. Turned into quasi-liquid state and evaporated. No single photo of it survived. No big deal! Laws of physics. What physics? etc. etc. The moment you start mentioning all these, you are immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist, deep into the clinical psychology field. No questions, no thoughts and no arguments allowed. Simple!

Labeling it as «ahh, this is all conspiracy», mixing it with real conspiracies, which are many of course, is the same as putting in jail political activists together with crooks, thieves and murderers. After all, they will jointly be labeled as “criminals” with not much distinction afterwards. But feel the difference, if you can. Simple!